To unify community organizations dedicated to serving homeless youth in the greater Houston region; advocating on their behalf, and coordinating financial and informational efforts and services.


A healthy, well organized collaborative that facilitates, coordinates and increases funding for organizations supporting homeless youth living in communities of the greater Houston region.


The goals and objectives of the Homeless Youth Network (HYN) include the following:

To unify Houston area community organizations that serve homeless youth by:

  • Bringing providers together regularly (six times per year)

  • Having a common agenda

  • Knowing what others are doing

  • Creating efficiencies (reducing duplication of efforts and cost)

  • Projecting a consistency of message

To advocate for these community organizations by:

  • Creating community awareness

  • Educating the public

  • Influencing local and county governmental policy

  • Representing homeless youth service providers at community forums

To coordinate financial efforts and services for these organizations by:

  • Offering partnership opportunities for potential grant awards

  • Seeking future grant opportunities

  • Sharing information about grant opportunities (that others may not be aware of)

To coordinate informational efforts and services for these organizations by:

  • Providing Training

  • Networking forums

  • Information sharing

  • Sharing information about other agencies via the HYN website

  • Providing a community calendar


Driven by the ever-increasing number of homeless, runaway and street-involved youth in our community needing even the most basic survival supports and services, an informal collaboration of the largest public and private agencies serving homeless youth in the greater Houston/Harris County metropolitan area banded together approximately 16 years ago to create the Homeless Network of Houston/Harris County (HYN).  Among these agencies were Covenant House Texas, DePelchin Children’s Center, Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County, Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in Region 6, The Center for Success and Independence, Cathedral Health Ministries and other agencies serving homeless older youth. Our focus was to establish a community –wide continuum of supports and services to prevent youth homelessness, and help homeless youth exit the streets and move towards healthy independent living.Over time, this loosely organized group came to recognize that many activities could be done more efficiently and effectively through a more formalized collaborative network, rather than separately by individual agencies.  The vision then expanded to initiate a formal organization which would be responsible for media/community awareness and involvement, outreach, broader community involvement, advocacy, and tapping into local funding streams to increase and/or expand services and supports to runaway, homeless and street-involved youth. In 2007, the Homeless Youth Network of Houston/Harris County (HYN) was incorporated into a not-for-profit organizational structure. We reorganized in 2017 adopting bylaws created by the Board of Trustees of the Homeless Youth Network of Houston/Harris County, a Texas unincorporated nonprofit association at its meeting held on the 11th day of December, 2017